Monday, August 04, 2008


I would pass her in the halls as we traversed the hallowed walkways of life, me doling out the rudimentary courtesy nods of acknowledgement time after time. She, paying me not a mind, which made me start to rethink my continued acts of blessing her with my nods or pseudo smiles of acknowledgement. Stinkin’ rude heifer!

The first fifty times of non-acknowledgement on her part, I surmised that maybe (i) she did not see me (ii) she was unaware of the requirements for courteous interaction, and so I would persevere with a view to teaching her this rudimentary concept, that I called manners.

Now, do not get me wrong, for I am by no means a nice person. I hoped to shame her into courteous behavior, with my sarcastic smiles, and somewhat terse hellos. I was sure to always speak to her directly, elucidating my words with clarity on the off-chance that she was hearing impaired. Yet, she would still pay me no mind at all. Stinkin’ heifer.

Then, there is the matter of her hubby. That nice, unassuming man who was always sure to give me a bright smile accompanied by his enthusiastic wave. I wondered how a nice man like him could end up with such a horrid, rude and bitter individual such as she. He could do so much better.

Eventually, I gave up. She was not worthy of my acknowledgements, and I categorised her as non-existent in my grand scheme of things. When we rarely did cross paths, I would not even bother to fart in her general direction. No more. She won. I was done. Stinkin’ heifer!

Then, she showed up with her black and blue eye, and became the talk of the town.

Turns out, Ms. Ma’am is a very sad individual, whose hubby (the “nice man”), will often take issue with the natural shape and color of her eyes, and would periodically decorate them with his fists. This was well known to everyone but me. Her paychecks are handed over to him with no regard for her hard work and dedication, to be doled out to the licensed establishments and wenches that he should choose to share them with. She is then cast aside to take comfort in prayer, and the comfort of her children. I now understand the cloud of sadness and depression that hangs gloomily over her head.

Well, I am back at it again. Doling out my regal, courtesy nods, and have even gone as far as to attempt painful small talk. You have no idea how much I hate small talk. She still ain’t paying me no mind, but, that’s all right.

Though she is still rude in my estimation, its all right. I am not giving up on her.

And on that note, I shall now exit.

Ta ta...



Abeni said...

Reminds me of a High school teacher who we thought was the devil from hell.Then one day we saw the marks and the tears and suddenly we bent over backwards to be the best students ever.

Jdid said...

you never know what someone is going through do ya.

but still i probably woulda been like blasted unmannerly woman she best to carry she so n so.

shame on hubby. is he want liks

Stunner said...

That's sad. Man like dat fi get a good beat down!

But why do women stay with these abusive men? Weren't there any tell tale signs before they got married? I just can't understand it.

Anonymous said...

Like Stunner said, why she stay with him? I don't get it either. (* sigh *)

posted by Mad Bull

Mighty Afroditee said...

Stunner / Anon-MadBull, I dont know either. In fact, I kow nothing about her situation, but for the black eye, and rumour and conjecture. I do know that she is the saddest woman that I have ever seen,and the aura follows her like a cloud. She probably has no self esteem to speak of as well, so...what to do. So many in the sae situation, and feel that they have no way out...