Saturday, April 07, 2007

Naughy Nefarious Nemesis!

So, whilst catching up on my very outdated blog reading last night, I took my usual jaunt over to the page of my arch nemesis, the evil villain and obnoxious spammer, Trouble (Insert evil theme song here), prepared to read with a sneer of the upper lip, and to render some insightful and thought provoking comments to his posts. Devil

Whilst there, I encountered the following ditty, composed by the man himself:

Ode to da Fro

Outspoken soul-sista
you had me at “Hell no!”
ranting raving misbehaving
I wax inquisitive,and need to know.
Are you au natural?
A ’60’s kinky curly girl,
Cicely or Pam Grier.
Hendrixonian heteroclite…
Heckler in hedonistic herecy,
with Oxy-cleaning action
you brillo-pad the world,
scrubbing crusty bullshit,
until freshly sparkling,
appears the truth.
Dark and sultry sage,
you are Yin to my Yang…
Not to mention how,
you augment my wang.
Anomalous Momos,
Where were you when
I was making the mistakes of youth.
In my penchant for noodging pixies,
and beer swilling sensualists,
I would have ‘picked’ you Fro.

“’Picked’ you Fro”…Lawd mi’ gut!! Get it!!! "Pick"??? Lol

As I continued to guffaw, tittering and wheezing, I automatically started to compose my poetic retaliation to his arrogant assumptions and presumptions (sneer of the upper lip continues), then realised that such an action could possibly ignite a turf war the likes of which Biggie/Tupac, Paris/Lindsay had never seen. Therefore, for the sake of peace and tranquility in Blogland, I stood down. Hmprh. {Flashing my gang symbol here}. All innocent by-standers, saved by my sacrifice, you may convey your thanks.

Leon, not offended at all. Here is an episode where I can use the metaphoric brillo pad to scrub the crusty and entertaining poetic bullshit, the likes of which can only be coined by such a Trouble-maker. Can you imagine if he was inclined to use his nefarious powers for good???

For those of who are more inclined to prose, and are of a non-poetic bent, check out the hilarious Cliff-Note break down of the Ode here.

On that note, I shall now exit. Sonny has returned home for the Easter hols, and it has been at least fifteen minutes since I harassed him. I need to make up for lost time.