Monday, June 23, 2008

Tipping Off...

So, I remember reading the newspaper the other day, and came across a letter to the editor where a couple from overseas griped about the fact that as they were settling their bill at a local restaurant, the waiter had bellowed: “Would you like your change?”

In their estimation, this equated to a form of extortion as the waiter was effectively demanding an additional tip on top of the 15% gratuity included in their bill. And, the waiter (the bastard!) had the audacity to shout this across the restaurant (gasp!), and placed the complaining couple into a very embarrassing and uncomfortable position.

Now, apparently the complaining couple, who had been visiting the Cayman Islands often throughout the years, was so negatively affected by this transgression that they went back to their North American abode, and decided to write a letter to bitch about it. They viewed this as the ultimate sign of the denigration of our fair isles, and (gasp!) had the potential to affect them to a point where they may never return!

I know that I would not be shame to shout “Hell yes. Gi’mme me change,” to the waiter across the restaurant and make a graceful exit, so I really cannot understand how this could have been their biggest irritation point. Not the murders, traffic, the road deaths, or the burglaries which feature so prominently in the Caymanian press nowadays. Or, even if they had bitched about the flicking forced 15% gratuity included in the bill, I would stand up and say ‘hallelujah!’ I mean, why is a restaurant forcing me to pay gratuity, especially if the service is crappy??? Now that pisses me off. I can clearly remember quibbling with the waiter and management of a local restaurant once after I had decided to deduct the 15% grats, because the service was crap. Talk about a close encounter. By the time our…ahem…”debate” was finished, they wanted to call the police, and I wanted to call the restaurant association. I had never been back to the establishment since, and would like to think that I played an active part when it closed down. I dunno if that is the case, but it does my heart and ego good to think so.

All I know is, by the time I finished reading the stoopid letter, I just rolled my eyes in disgust. So many other things they could have griped about the islands which is evident to the nekkid eye, and they goin’ bitch ‘bout this little ditty. I mean, why not say something to the waiter? Management? Instead, you’re going home and write about it…what a load of crap. Get a grip and get your priorities straight.

On that note, I shall now exit.