Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Nappy-Headed Sonnet

Flowing, soft, billowing waves - crown does not possess,
Gleam the apex coroneted with a kinky, matted, billowed ‘Fro;
Rebelling against synthetically induced soft sheen tresses,
Untamed definitive knotted curls, is the way of its growth;
Skeletal remains of broken combs, strewn amongst defeated hair products,
Destroying commercial promises to soften, moisturize, develop and enhance;
Bristling curly coiffure, despite corporate marketers’ denoted ‘perfect locks’,
Contrary terrorist decision, initiating the first step of resistance;
Symbolic of the resilient nature of my people, the ‘Fro will dominate,
Refusing to be brushed aside, controlled and pressed into subservience;
Methodology of the radical’s need to beleaguer those that legislate,
Exemplification for those who should relax in abject silence;
The stubborn non-conformist ‘Fro. Voluminous and regal throughout life,
Unmoved despite harrowing winds, chemical warfare and hair-raising strife.


On that note, I shall now exit.