Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Nappy-Headed Sonnet

Flowing, soft, billowing waves - crown does not possess,
Gleam the apex coroneted with a kinky, matted, billowed ‘Fro;
Rebelling against synthetically induced soft sheen tresses,
Untamed definitive knotted curls, is the way of its growth;
Skeletal remains of broken combs, strewn amongst defeated hair products,
Destroying commercial promises to soften, moisturize, develop and enhance;
Bristling curly coiffure, despite corporate marketers’ denoted ‘perfect locks’,
Contrary terrorist decision, initiating the first step of resistance;
Symbolic of the resilient nature of my people, the ‘Fro will dominate,
Refusing to be brushed aside, controlled and pressed into subservience;
Methodology of the radical’s need to beleaguer those that legislate,
Exemplification for those who should relax in abject silence;
The stubborn non-conformist ‘Fro. Voluminous and regal throughout life,
Unmoved despite harrowing winds, chemical warfare and hair-raising strife.


On that note, I shall now exit.




gela said...

Lawd unno lyrical sah!

Trouble said...

You said 'products' twice...

Just kiddin', I love it, It's awesome... Love all the puns.

Abeni said...

You rivalling Trouble and that's a huge achievement:)

bakannal said...

Skeletal remains of broken combs, strewn amongst defeated hair products....lawd! poetry slam in blogland.

Island Spice said...

i'm lovin' it!!

trying to abandon di chemical warfare myself .. in that horrid between phase .. but dreaming of the day i unleash the FRO in all its glory..

u rock ;)

Mighty Afroditee said...

@Trouble: Though it somewhat galls me, thanx for pointing out the possibly fatal flaw. I fixed it. The truce has now ended. Hmprh!!

@Spice Girl: I feel ur pain. That transition stage is HORRIBLE!!!

Scratchie said...

Lyrics!!!! Somebody going for the lyrics degree.

Stunner said...

Long live the might fro! Defeater of all hair tamers!

Mad Bull said...

Yeah, this was some good stuff. Now that I have read the comments, I am sort of guessing I selected the wrong person as Island Spice in my latest post, but whatever... Maybe thats what she will look like eventually and my selection was prophetic.

Leon said...

Nice poem Afro. You and Trouble competing or what? said...

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Gooders Girl said...


I smiled all the way through.


CaymanJuice said...

Love reading your blog. Keep it fresh girl.

Gooders Girl said...

whey yuh deh my girl?

gela said...

Yeah, fi real though, evry ting cool?

Scratchie said...

What happen to Fro? :(