Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

So, once again it is back to the daily grindstone that we call work. Yippee. Depressed
I have come to realise that I detest Sundays with a passion, because Mondays are coming Mad . Sunday is the proverbial axe that is hanging over my head, between me and that thing called Monday. The only times that I can appreciate Sundays are when Mondays are a public holiday. Then, my hatred for Mondays multiplies ten fold, because I know that Tuesday is coming.

Notice a pattern, here?

The weekend has passed without incident for me. It was a nice and quiet one. I stayed at home on Friday with a bottle of wine ...hic, DVD's and books. I read...hic...and watched my leisure. Its nice to be able to enjoy...hic...the pleasure of my own company now and again.
Drinking Red Wine
Saturday, I donned some dress up clothes, and chilled on the road with CM.

Manly Man that he is, we watched the Ultimate Fighting Championship thingy at a local bar. In summary, two dudes beating the crap out of each other in a cage-like environment. Initially, I figured that I could suppress my pacifist nature to enjoy the fight as a form of morbid entertainment. I even made a nice little side bet on the victor, and of course, I selected the cutie fellow.

Lawd, when they started to pummel each other in the ring, it was no longer entertaining for me. Blood spurted, and the victorious fellow (not my cutie selection!!) held the Cutie Fellow down and started to reign mighty blows indiscriminantly onto Cutie Fellow's face. The crowd in the bar were all eagerly lapping this up, and cheering loudly as each blow landed, and even shouted possible alternatives to the participants. As the Cutie Fellow was beaten to a bloody pulp, the audience was in a continued frenzy.

Isolating myself temporarily from the scene, I wondered if this is the problem with Mankind, the fact that we are all anxious to see to each other's destruction, even in the name of sport. Why must we continue to salivate at the indiscriminant shedding of each other's blood? Of course, we continue to make historical excuses for the continuation of these sports, Gladiators, Boxers, Wrestlers, etc, but it is interesting to note that even in the twentieth century, members of the lower income bracket are still being fed to the Lions, all in the name of sport and Man's continued need for bloody entertainment.

All of that pondering during three rounds, plus I lost five bucks when cutie fellow was pummelled!

On that note, I shall now exit.

Afro Ginger


Gela's Words said...

Hey, I do like this blog.

Mad Bull said...

You know, I was at Gillians for a bit during the Ultimate Fighting. I was lapping it up too, until the fellow got the other fellow on the ground, sat / lay down on him and started to try to punch a hole through his head. Blood! Blood! Blood! Everywhere! I thought "This is sickening!". My God. Talk about savagery! I wasn't ready for that, bwoy!

Mighty Afroditee said...

Oh Bovine one, thank goodness! I thought that it was just me!

Mighty Afroditee said...

Ms Gela, tunks! That warms my heart!