Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The War - Bim / July 26th, 1995

Biblical fiction, we were called woman,
Scorned product from the rib;
Deliberately, they constantly forget,
Persecuted for what Eve allegedy did.

Endless reality, perpetrated through song,

They constantly forget our name;
Relegated to 'cunt', 'whore', 'pussy' or 'bitch',
Endearments utilised to bring us shame.

Repugnantly categorised via the external,

We suffer profoundly, knowing not our roles;
Social revoution's developing product,
Confused to the very depths of our souls.

Liberated, a claim alledged by many,

Despite which, the revolution will remain;
They ask if we will ever be satisfied,
Ironically, a final goal to be attained.

Education, the so-called regiment of freedom,

Soldiers donning weapons to wage the endless war;
Numerous casualties resulting from battle,
Results of which, advancement has been far.

They know not what we are fighing for,

My struggle ridiculed at every turn;
Equal opportunities, respect and honour,
Elements of a constitution that we will earn.


Bim / July 26th, 1997




Gela's Words said...

That's awesome? An Afroditee Original? I wish I could write nice poems like that.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Tunks! Written during a moment of feminine angst.

Have never been able to replicate the mood, though...

kai said...

Accordin to a guardian at me hi skool 'homan is waan dangerous breed; is heve mek hadam heat de happle."

Me...if the apple symbolises sex as some say...then mo power to Eve...i woulda gro a frickin orchard if i was adam...

Mighty Afroditee said...


Well, at lease you ain't shame; )