Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Schtupid People

I am always somewhat shocked and dismayed by the social gaffes that people can commit, and often left in a state of confusion if people are really so schtupid and ignorant, or if it is all just an act, as they attempt to get a rise out of me. Baring Teeth

I often hope for the latter, but realistically, I know that it is the former.
Some people are just dyam schtupid! Dumb

Maybe if we all arrive at the same conclusion, life will be much simplier and there will be less confusion as to people's personalities and idiosyncracies. Of course, my conclusion does not explain all, but I do believe that it is a start.

Now, when someone says something Schtupid, I will no longer have the horrible ache from my jaw dropping in shock, but rather, can toss the comment over my shoulder, and simply categorise them as a Schtupid Person, and isolate myself accordingly. But, to clarify, please note that this does not necessarily apply to a Schtupid 'comment' but rather the Schtupid Person, who utters Schtupid comments without fail.

To continue my definition of the Schtupid Person, this does not denote the so-called 'uneducated', but rather someone who is just so daft, ignorant, oblivious and lacking in common sense, that they are totally incapable of redemption. There is no hope of them seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as they are happy in their oblivion. We in turn repeatedly frustrate ourselves by continually attempting to argue, discuss or establish some form of understanding with said Schtupid Person, to no avail.

Case in point, statement (one of many!) from a former Human Resources Manager: "You would look so much better if you relaxed your hair. It is just not professional the way that you wear it." Shocked

Now, from this statement, I could have been a Schtupid Person, and focused on the complimentary aspect, the "look better" part. Does this mean that in some respects, I look OK? Or, should I have followed my natural inclination and told her about her ass, and all that it entailed? Of course, to tell her about her posterior would not have educated her in respect to her social gaffe, and I would have been conceived as ignorant. Therefore, I looked and assessed, and concluded that she was just Schtupid, and this was a final strike against her in my Schtupidity log. I would no longer interact with her on a personal level, as she would only frustrate and irritate me and I would inevitably tell her about her ass.

Therefore and hence, I patted her on the head, gave forth a condescending smile, and advised her that the little green men would soon complete their experiment with her brain. Now, I am convinced that she has logged me as a Schtupid Person in her own little pink Schtupidity book. Go Figure.

Now, where is all this coming from, you may ask? Well, today was a day fraught with schtupid comments from people that I surmised to be reasonably intelligent, and certain items have been logged against these perpetrators. It will be interesting to see if these individuals are eventually relegated to the Schtupid People category.

On that note, I shall no exit.



Gela's Words said...

She said what??!!!! No, she did not!!! I don't know what hairstyle yu wearing but I'm assuming it's some natural business. What's with her? In disya day and age? chuups. Yu know what is hurtful too? Is the peeps with larning behave and seh stchupid things.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Oh yes she did!!! Give them a book, and they still Schtupid.

Eedyat nevah even know wha' she said, but I realise, she nah know any betta.

Ri said...

Welcome to Blogland - hope you are in the football tonite, coming to watch.

Mad Bull said...

Like RI, coming to watch the game... I hope I am not one of those who you have put a little something beside in your logbook. After all, I don't want you to think of me as a schtupid person. If it so happens that I AM one of those people though, don't tell me about my ass, just show me yours! :))

Mighty Afroditee said...

Lawd...drunk as shiit...Hic...We won!!! RI - Nevah saw u at de fete. Mr. Bovine & Natty: TUNKS!!!


Hic...goin sleep. Was'nt Guinnes, but maybe a post would sound like Bakannal /Kai's...


kai said...


Mad Bull said...

Yeah, Afro and her Lionesses won a very exciting encounter. Really exciting. I will leave the story for her to tell. On top of that, the Lionesses painted the town red afterward! Me never know say Lionesses can wine! My Gosh! Total fun nite! Bigup, Afro!

Ri said...

Congrats on your goal and the win!!! Sorry I missed the fete. Hope to catch up with you and MB soon.

Gela's Words said...

Hey, every post/comment that MB does seem to involve him partying in CI. I might have to come look for a job in CI too. My weekends not as exciting and fun-filled as yours.