Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, last night DV and I packed up we’selves (me enthusiastically, he reluctantly) and went to a poetry session called “Floetry”, hosted by a local bookshop.

Now, I did nearly piss me’ self with glee when I heard about the session, for I don’t get this kinda thing often on my island rock, and maybe I did work myself up to thinking it would be like the performances on HBO’s Def Poetry with people aggressively spitting words of political and revolutionary poetic rhetoric into a mike, but, alas, it turned out to be a much tamer poetic night.

During the readings, it was just as interesting to gauge the audience’s reactions to the poems, as it was to listen to the poems themselves.

I watched the face of a perplexed young lady whom I deemed to be an ‘expat’, when Big J (fully adorned in camouflage) read his piece alluding to the island being raped by foreigners. She did not appear to be impressed by Big J’s topic of choice, and had a constipated expression on her face. Regardless, for such a controversial political piece, Big J did not deliver with passion and confidence, and was distracted by the obvious discomfort from the audience, who obviously had mixed emotions about his message, and maybe, the appropriateness of the subject matter.

Then, there was the dub poet who spit a piece that was fraught with sexual innuendo so cleverly guised, as he recited with passionate vigor and a twinkle in his eye. To me, he was the best of the night. He recited from memory; he was energetic and captivating, and he worked the audience well. At least, those who could understand Jamaican Dub poetry.

And then, there were the class of poems that I personally call, the “Lifetime Network” poems. You know those kinda poems that talk about the transition from love to hate, self-fulfillment and growth after a broken heart and what not? Yeah, those. Nice to read now and again, but, can’t say that they are fantastic to sit down and listen to without wanting to slit your wrists. But, that is just the cynical inner me talking.

Loved the poems. Loved the sharing. Loved the bravery of the poets who gallantly stood up and shared their worked, while I remained seated on my backside.

When I read about the event, I searched through my anthology of poems for an appropriate poem to spit, and realized with shock and dismay, that I am indeed potty mouthed poet.

All of my ‘spoken word’ or performance poems are fraught with cuss words, deliberately injected for dramatic effect or shock value, and I could not amend them to a PG rating in time for the event.

I hate the fact that I have to edit them at all, for does this not affect my poetic artistic expression???

Oh well. Oh well, next time.

Therefore, Books and Books, my kudos to you for hosting such a wonderful event, and for acknowledging poetry’s literary artistry. I don’t like the layout and format of your bookstore, but this is indeed a wonderful marketing gimmick to gather more susceptible people into your store’s monstrous space.

And on that note, I shall now exit.

Ta ta...




Brotha Buck said...

I've been wanting to attend a poetry slam, kind of event. I need to make time to do so.

Stunner said...

I have never gone to one of those before. Well hopefully you will spit some of your own, and still not loose the effect due the editing.

Jdid said...

ah poetry nights. i remember how i performed at those things years ago and came away with two things. one alot of the stuff that passes as performance poetry lacks depth and two poets think too highly of themselves

msblyssaware said...

Hey Jdid I'm a poet and your absolutely right, some poets think too highly of themselves. Me I just do what I do. In fact I don't even take credit for the creativity that flows through me.

But Ms. Mighty Afroditiee, I miss going to open-mic nights at the cafe where I peformed. I can tell you so many funny stories of things that occured their. From the sexy as hell host to the parolee who would hurry and get on stage so he could make home in time for his curfew.

But I would like to tell you about one poet who got on stage and had absolutely no flavor what so ever. I rarely interupt another poets set while they are on stage, but this guy was up there for like what seemed like 10 minutes and by the 3rd poem I was in tears from laughter and had to excuse myself out of the place. He was soo monotone, I will never forget him though.

Don't stop going though I promise you will come away with so many stories to tell.

Mad Bull said...

I agree, I don't like the stores layout at all. They employ too many people and are in such a high rent place, I wonder how long they'll be in business? Hmmm....

Mighty Afroditee said...

@Brotha Buck: You can always find a poetry slam in the US, and I a contemplating taking a trip to NY, just to attend poetry slams. Make the time to attend for me, and maybe I can absorb the experience across the waters...

@Stunner: Jamaica has some of the most fabulous poets and performances, most held at UWI.

@Jdid: You know, I never realised it, but you are right. "Those" poets do indeed think that they know everything. They need to be humble like me, who actually does. Tee hee...

@MS Blyss: Thank you for taking a peek into my l'il world and for giving me quite a giggle. Love the parolee! LOL!!!

@Mad Bull" I thought it was just me that hated the layout of the store, and I am a woman who can sleep in a bookstore! I hate the fact that the books are not sorted into categories: fiction; self-help; romance; etc...I feel as if I am on the hunt trying to locate a book to interest me, and it is frustrating. Then, the shelves go too high, and I aint climbing no ladder. They do have the best literature selection that I can find on the island, though...

Leon said...

"Lifetime Network" poems? Love that line.