Monday, March 26, 2007

Gaea - Goddess of the Earth

Gaea cries, raped and abused,
Forceful penetration impeding her foliage,
Invasive marauders thrusting and pumping,
Emitting lusty, guttural moans as Gaea is used.
No artful foreplay for her pleasure,
Gaea screams - cries remain unanswered,
Her pain disregarded and irrelevant,
As her rapists affirm their existence,
Spewing filth and ejaculating cancerous pollutants,
Seeping through Gaea’s vaginal core,
Decaying and corroding Gaea’s mantle,
Deteriorating her outer crust
Embodying itself through her wounds.
Evident contusions and discolorations
Unrestrained throughout her being,
Gaea’s abrasions and cries for help evident:
Stunted growth and lack of fruition;
Depleted, infertile famine ridden planes -
Charred remnants of her beauty,
Congealing among barren landscapes,
Chaos igniting amidst her foundation
Annihilating Gaea’s peaceful existence,
Depleting her oxygen - the root of her growth,
Eroding and wilting her terrain.
Waste and rot - Gaea’s colourless existence,
Limbs razed for inanimate structures,
As Gaea remains trodden, stampeded,
Scarred, embittered and under siege.
Vengeful, Gaea vows to unleash her wrath,
Dormant power misconstrued and misunderstood,
Rage prominent through her psyche,
Overwhelming emotions to spite invasive species,
As caustic and scarred, she cries.
Gaea cries torrential, monsoon waters,
Breathing, gusting hurricane forced winds,
Quaking and writhing disastrously,
Prepared to reap destruction in her wake.
Gaea cries, emitting torrential gusts
Stabbing and freezing her abusers in their tracks;
Gaea cries until, dehydrated,
Gaea can cry no more –
Barren, arid and desolate emotional drought;
Unforgiving Gaea; abused Gaea;
Emotionally unable to recover from her
Physical and emotional defilement.

‘Fro / March 14th, 2007


Jdid said...

very visual

NadYaDee said...

You wrote this? Kool..I'm gunna tag it to my post about Gaea if you don't mind...Loved the poem btw..

Crankyputz said...

Vivid poem, interesting writting.

Leon said...

Wow! Did you write this? Excelent!

Mad Bull said...

Ah you do this? It nice, Afro.

Abeni said...

Excellent stuff

Trouble said...

F()@%!n' treehugger...

scratchie said...

Pretty good. stuff....

Gooders Girl said...

Powerful....made think twice about my temple.

Thank you

Stunner said...

Poet Fro' fiwi money! Good poetry.

Mighty Afroditee said...

@Trouble: Flickin' spammer!!!!

Island Spice said...

girl u rock.

I'm loving the repartee with Trouble ;)

gishungwa said...

this is really good you should write more

CaymanJuice said...