Sunday, October 29, 2006

Thong Man, & Retirees...

So, I was invited to a Halloween Party at a local sporting venue, and there is only so much that I can say about said event. I donned my trusty Swiss Miss Costume, and came to the realization that I could not become a busty Viking wench, when there was no “busting” going on. After some rather discreet (and cheap) enhancements via two of SG’s bathroom rags, I was good to go! The rags also served a dual purpose cuz when I was hot in the fete, I whipped them out to wipe my sweaty brow.

The atmosphere, ambience and music at the event were all…ahem…err….white. When the DJ started to rock a Megadeath tune (I know this because he bellowed the group’s name when he started the track), this confirmed that I was out of my natural element. Five beers later, I was still sober, because the thrashing and non-rhythmical gyrating of the attendees were all rather fascinating. They appeared to be in the midst of some form of group epileptic seizure.

Then, there was the Thong Man. The Thong Man looked like Jack Black (size and features), and was sporting a black thong, semi pulled up, allowing us a wonderful view of his butt cleavage.

On reflection, some things in life should just be left alone, as they can possibly warp body for life. This was one of them. A fat man in a thong is a somewhat haunting and morbid experience, especially when his ensemble is accompanied by a pink bow tie. Thong Man was the life of the party. He posed and worked his wiles all night, and worked up quite a sweat with his antics. Then, he became a sweaty, smelly, grotesque, beer bellied man, wearing a thong and a pink bow tie. Enough said.

Saturday, I and several of my civic minded co-workers went to a local retirement home to complete some much needed repairs to the establishment. After my previous rant about the blatant apathy that has overtaken my life, the organization of this event appealed to me, but it also cemented several facts, as to why I had regressed to the level of apathy now evident in my life.

First and foremost, was my realization that a large group does operate as a herd, wanting every decision to be made and validated on their behalf, constantly questioning what I would deem to be the obvious. Lawd, they drove me crazy. My patience was continually tried and it was all that I could do to keep a level head as I calmly responded to their inane, mundane and often obvious line of questioning. Another factor that made itself known in some instances was the lack of initiative. Lawd. If something needs to be done just flicking well get it done! Fcuk!!!!

Now that I have dealt with my repressed feelings, on to the more positive aspects of the day.

This event was very fulfilling, on so many levels. All but one of the volunteers showed up, and their eagerness to work, to get down and dirty, warmed my heart. We gardened, painted mopped, swept, and at the end of the day, we were nasty, stink and dirty. It was wonderful! As we were there, a church group had showed up to sing and to preach the gospel, and a few of us took a brief intermission to socialize with the residents, and to take in some awesome gospel spirituals. I have now signed up to volunteer once per week with a resident reading program. Maybe this is the cause that I have been searching for.

There was something fundamentally sad about the residents, countered with the realisation that essentially, they are waiting to die. They live a routine existence, some of them are abandoned and have no other visitors, but for the nurses and domestics. We were awkward and stilted around them initially, not knowing how to deal with their frailness, yet not wanting to stomp on their pride and need for independence. Yet, all persevered, and when we left, the place was fresh, clean and somewhat revived from our efforts.

Next on our agenda will be our participation in the Meals on Wheels program. I will let you know how that turns out.

On that note, I shall now exit.





Leon said...

So you're a part of Rotary huh? Excellent. Glad you're giving back. Glad you didn't post any photos of "Thong Man."

Mad Bull said...

Rahtid! I totally forgot! I did tell you I needed a reminder though... Still, I sorry.

Gela's Words said...

I've always wanted to get involved with something like that. I had thought initially, an old people's home but now I'm thinking I might want to do something with children.

After I'm thru studying.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You're just great, your enthusiasm [despite your apathy], your honesty and have me laughing, shaking me head.

Man, I woulda like the see the thong and that sweaty pink bow hahahaha

Guyana-Gyal said...
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Abeni said...

Unlike Leon I woulda love to see Thong Man pic. I find retirement homes depressing since I always feel the occupants would rather be at home.

Scratchie said...

I am quite fine not seeing any photos of thong man. thank you very much. Yuh can probably send Kami an email since she want to see and ruin her appetite.

Gooders Girl said...


Scarred for Life -- LOL some more...Thong!!!

I gotta thong dtory too...not cute.