Monday, October 02, 2006

Jungle Fever

So, a bredren of mine has now committed to a new relationship, after a one year hiatus. A really cool and down to earth gyal, if I must say so myself.

On receipt of this information, I started to rethink Mr. Man’s historical dating patterns and have come to realize once again, that all of his significant others have all been “Big Country” Caucasians, but for his high school sweetheart.

More power to him, one would say, but I am rather confused by the fact that he has always professed to love women of colour, but nary a one could be found in the mix. When I finally called him on it, he proceeded to expound on the fact that more often than not, he knew the sexual escapades of the ‘local’ girls, and more often than not the ‘local’ girls had historically been involved with a first, second or third cousin of his. Please note that ‘local’ is not limited to black.

Now, in meeting said Caucasian females, more often than not, Mr. Man’s meeting would result in an immediate overnight encounter (Notice my political correctness here? Devil ). Anyway, after several of these encounters and hanging out, somehow a relationship would develop.

Now, this is where I am further confused.

If someone, male or female fell into bed with you immediately, human nature being what it is, would you not entertain the possibility of a trend on their part??? One may notice my use of "Big Country” above, as these women (as I have mentally listed those known) have been from Austrailia, the United States, Canada and Europe. There was even one from Africa!! He cannot even justify this choices on the basis that they have a Caribbean background, which he claims is important to him.

Is it not safer to know the sexual proclivities of your partner? Can you not make a more informed decision about a relationship on this basis? He prefers not to know, and though he claims to ‘wrap it up’, you can never be too careful!!!

Playing true to type, new gal is Caucasian, and once again, we engaged in a debate about my aforementioned observations. He has heatedly defended his choices, but I will not change my mind. I even went as far as to remind him of three wonderful local young ladies who were interested in him in the past, who did not have sordid reputations, for which he was nonchalant in his dismissal of them, though he was seeking companionship at the time.

I can also remember his being offended in the past when someone would make a comment that “He only likes White Girls”. Now, if it is a fact, and the numbers speak for themselves, why be offended? He does not even rationalize how people can arrive at this conclusion.

I have realized that choices are specific to an individual. For example, I do love a dark chocolate man.

If his preference is for a Caucasion female, more power to him. My problem lies in the fact that he tempers his preference with bullshit.

Do not say that you cannot find a nice local girl,
Do not regale me with the stories of a local girl’s sexual exploits, when you have engaged a one week fcuk-buddy who has the same propensities, if not worse, and the fcuk-buddy had evolved into your girlfriend.
Do not relegate with the defensive propaganda surrounding your choice, when the numbers speak for themselves;
Do not relegate me with tales of the difficulties of your significant other not understanding your culture or your family, as this arises because of your preference.

Just shut up and reap the consequences of your preference, such as they are, and acknowledge your hipocracy.

On that note, I shall now exit.




Mad Bull said...

You know say I never eat a white meat yet? Unless you rate Jacqui as white, she was close enough...
Not that I have anything against them, mind you... in fact, I have dealt with nothing but local women, as far as I can recall... local to Jamaica, anyway. Still, I have been thinking that maybe its a healthy thing for Caymanian boys and girls to hook up with furriners. Don't have to be from America, can be from other Caribbean Islands. Whats your thoughts on this?

Mighty Afroditee said...

Thanks for the 'white meat' update. I am more enlightened for it...; )

Re: Caymanian's hookin up with furriners - not really agreeing with this one, as I do not really care who hooks up with who.

I do believe that Caymanian boys are girls should get more exposure to other cultures, especially the Caribbean, not only in the school system, but also off island. I think that this should be mandatory, as a measure of providing some form of insight and depth to the chillun when dey comin up.

I think that they are too North American and spoiled in their thinking and behaviour, and it does not bode well for the islands.

Leon said...

I don't trust white girls. Even brown girls. They tend to be loose. I'd like to have a white girl though. It would be a new experience.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Hello Leon,

Thanks for paying me a visit.

...Errr...tend to be loose? What a sweeping generalisation. "...Even Brown Girls"? What about the men tekking these so-called loose women on? Your conveniently forgot to sweep them in with your trawl net...

Maybe you should rethink the females that you are/have been involved with, and find a nice girl that will hold out on you and give you blue balls.



kai said...

jeez 'fro...why u waan de man get blue balls? but fe real, u cant lump em all togetha. dat's like sayin all men cheat.

an i neva had a white meat either.

Trouble said...

See, I like to think of it that I'm an ambassador improving 'foreign relations'... Plus, I like the fact that 'they're easy'...

Mighty Afroditee said...

I nevah seh I wan' he to get blue balls. Actually, I hope that his balls are happy balls....

Gela's Words said...

hahaha. Leon migrate for a while. The whities dem love a black man.

Gosh, that Trouble is trouble.

Gela's Words said...

hmmm, that comment wasn't very politiacally correct, was it?

OK, I take it back. Caucasion women are known to favour black men.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Too late Ms. G, the writin' done pon de wall. LOL