Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dear Verdant Isle - Bim / August 1st, 1995

Oh, wondrous island in the sun,
Proud, arogant pebble of the globe;
Status factors obvous to everyone,
Darker deception apparent when probed.

Sandy white beaches, critically acclaimed,
Beautiful, sunny gem of the sea;
Tourism and finance, for which it is famed,
Brings rapid development, and a drastic fee.

Prosperity apparent, our industry thrives
Tourists and financiers to be retained;
The expense of which history and culture dies,
When lost, never again to be attained.

False culture, hailed from the North,
Epitomised through music, travel, and T.V;
Crime and passion, negatively brought forth,
Waiting for the impressionable to see.

Confused youth, complacent with their fate,
Education inadequate to stimulate ambition;
Physical development surpassing the mental pace,
Problems which necessitate a difficult solution.

Oh, verdant land of soft fresh breeze,
Lauding the imperialist national anthem;
Darkness apparent when assets freeze,
Our shame to be sung as a requiem.

Oh, wondrous island, clinging to the crown,
Independence a repugnant and scornful thought;
Your position in the world assuredly renowned,
Disregarding reasons why revolutions are fought.

No comparable historical upheavals,
Or revolutions distinguished through time;
Relatively young and newly revealed,
No primary monuments to be shined.

Settled people, complacent with their slots,
Threatened when the melting pot boils;
Wanting the prosperity accorded their lots,
Despite which, they shun the vital toils.

Bim / August 1st, 1995




Shotta M said...

Deep - a lot said there.

Gela's Words said...

Was that an original as well Afro? You are good you know. Jeez wish I was so talented.

This reminds me that I haven't visited another poet blogger in a while.