Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Self praise is no praise at all. An age old adage that my mother has slapped me with from the dawn of time. Crying

So, is the notion of Humility obsolete? Though, in answering this fundamental question, one should not confuse 'Humility' with false modesty or false pride.
Rolling Eyes

I do believe that Humility as a notion or as a practice is somewhat obsolete, especially when viewing something as mundane as a personal web page
. I have now succumbed to the temptation of subscribing for a personal Hi-5 Account, after being inundated with what appeared to be 1000 requests to join, flooding my inbox day after day.

As I digress...

Is this what it's all about? Blatant self promotion? Is this how we put our best foot forward? What is the ultimate objective? On viewing some of the entries, I almost felt like a voyeur, intruding on someone's privacy. But, que sera sera.

Humility. I do so hate a braggart (Note to self: Add this to my list of Pet Peeves). I love someone who is comfortable with their talents or lack thereof, and is humble enough to say so. I love someone who is able to say "I do not know how to do that", and exudes utter confidence in saying so. To me, this is the epitome of confidence.

Confidence is knowing your own capabilities, and being able to shut up about it.
Though, ironically, can the lack of Humility explain the reason for my sitting here and expounding on the wonders of Humility, and its absence from everyday life? Nerd

But, that is another topic.

On that note, I shall now exit.



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