Monday, September 18, 2006

Happenings on the Rock

So, all kinda happenings on the little rock over the weekend. The newspaper was actually teeming with information today, full of hot topics. Nerd


I have always considered the Monday editions of the newspaper to be redundant, as everyone on the island has had the news by Sunday. The only things that are fresh for the Monday publications are the comics. I love Curtis! Thumbs Up

So Dr. Frank McField, prominent forever-campaigning politician that he is, was arrested and charged with offences ranging from disorderly conduct to assaulting a police officer.
Gasp Shock ! It was even alleged that he used...obscene language! Handcuffed


Shoud these allegations be true, aren't they positively scandalous??? Shock 5

Lawd, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this alleged incident went down, as I am sure that it would have been very entertaining indeed Devil . I actually caught the news clip of him being led to court on CITN, and it was quite hilarious. TI still feel seh they could'a clean the man up a little, even arrange for his significant other to bring in a suit, so that he could don a John Gotti look. After all, he is a public figure! Devil

Needless to say, perhaps Dr. Frank was conducting a sociological study entitled: "Police Officer who kick ass when aggravated". Who knows, he could also be taking his continued campaign back to the Grass Roots. Devil

Be that as it may, I shall now endeavor not to miss the next episode of Public Eye Eye , Dr. Frank’s political infomercial, as I would love to see how he will play this one off! Personally, I had never farted on the program before, but he has now effectively gained my attention! Mouth At Side

But, if Bill Clinton could avoid possible impeachment (I say tongue in cheek – no pun intended! Angelic ), I’m sure that Dr. Frank can put a positive spin on such a scandalous “affair”, and resolve it in the court of public opinion. I have no doubt that he will be up and running for the next elections, with issues such as police brutality at the forefront of his political platform Rolling Eyes .

I would even recommend that he sit under the tree in front of the Glass House as Dr. Luarca did, and protest the blatant abuses to his person Angelic . I also undertand that there is also a vacancy on the Human Rights Committee that they are eager to fill . Maybe he should give Alden a call?

I need say no more on this issue. Devil

So, young gal took a batch of ganja brownies to school Shame On You , and fed them to some of her classmates, who subsequently became ill and had to seek medical attention.

Lawd a mercy, this one is scary. Rendered me totally flabbergasted, and I did not even know where to start. Frown
One thing that comes to mind is the need to bring back the belt in the schools, as someone needs to dole out a good ol' fashioned bitch slap at some point.

Of course, we can regress to the old sociological explanations, examine the home, pat her on the head two times and get her some counseling Lips Are Sealed , but had she offered the goods to my child, I know that I would be marching across town to dole out the aforementioned slap.

But, the state of affairs being what they are, young miss would probably kick my ass, and I would be no better off. Cross Eyed

On that note, I shall now exit.



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Mad Bull said...

So do ganja brownies always make the eater sick, and if so, why do people continue to eat them? This one puzzles me. Hey, the KY Blog man scooped everybody with the story on Frank's drunken shinding with the police. I suspect he has some connections in RCIPS.