Monday, September 08, 2008

Oedipus Complex...?

So, there was I, hot stepping it around the National Gallery, viewing the lovely and equally rancid artwork with my own brand of inept criticism, when I was approached by a young gentleman:

He: Pardon me, I am terribly sorry to interrupt you…
Me: [Looking suspicious, politely distant] Ahhh…sure…Yes...?
He: Well...I just wanted to tell you that…I love your hair.
Me: [Looks suspicious; cameras? squints eye; weirdo?] 'Scuse me…?
He: Your hair, I love the way that you wear your hair.....
Me: [Assesses sincerity; preens] Really? Well…ahh…thanks. Appreciate that.
He: No really, don’t ever change it. It is great!
Me: [Eyes twinkle; kicks dirt; pats hair] Well…, shucks, you are too kind.
He: [Sighs; reminisces] My mother used to wear her hair like that.
Me: [Wilts; jaw drops; ] Your mother…??? Well…errr… [Ego deflates]

End scene.

A body just cannot make this stuff up.

On that weirded out, disgruntled note, I shall now exit.




ms cute pants said...

I am sure his mother was just as good take it as a compliment, unless you remembered to ask him for a pic of his mother so you could judge for yourself.

Abeni said...

lol girl,retro is the word

Jdid said...


enough to mek a person feel old. that is like the two wipper snappers at work that saw my picture downstairs and say they were arguing about how long ago it was taken. apparently i have depreciated muchly in the two years since the picture was taken.

damn young people!

Ruthibelle said...

lol... what a way to burst your bubble!!

cooldestiny said...

Hush ... one a dem tings. I'm sure he meant well.

Will said...

ouch... wow... hell, take it as a complement... most guys secretly want to marry a woman who's just like their mother!!! so basically, you're marriage material...

Mad Bull said...

I guess his Mom looked hot too, so a nuh nutten!

bakannal said...