Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gustav: From The Battle Trenches!

Well, so far all is well, in my neck of the woods.

I am currently tuned in to my faithful radio station, Radio Cayman, for which I must also confess that I only listen Radio Cayman in times of a hurricane crises. Lawd, they were irreplaceable during the passage of Hurricane Ivan!

Just now, I listened and snickerd as a lady called in to the radio to relate the fact that at 250 pounds, the wind almost lift her up and carry her away. That is a strong breeze indeed, and gives new meaning to the concept of flying debris! Lol

Gussy has now been upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, and is currently pounding Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands. I am bored as hell, for I have been cooped up in my trench, armed and ready, from the time that we completed our hurricane preparations. As such, I think that I am suffering from cabin fever. I have poked my head out on the porch tentatively a couple of times just to watch a few trees blow, and was surprised to note that there was hardly any rainfall.

At this point, I have decided to stop watching the weather channel, especially after they reported that the entire Cayman Islands were without power. Had a good laugh at that bit of irony. Further, though they report that Gustav is battering the Cayman Islands, this apparently does not count as ‘landfall’. Landfall only counts when it hits the US.

Well, ol' ghastly Gussy does not have a visa, and as such, the jerk will soon be rolled over.

On that note, I shall now exit, in the hopes that I do not lose power and water.

Ta ta...




ms cute pants said...

Haha your reports are so much funnier than mine! These American media outlets, always exaggerating. Yes I am still up and still blogging. I feel like such a part of the Cayman community. I've been talking to a local friend who's vacationing in FL giving her all the news about her island. Stay safe...and yes I hope the power doesn't go out either.

Will said...

you're like the funny christiane amanpour of the blogosphere - giving us a first, hand, blow by blow of the entire affair in (in my mind) a funky accent...

glad you're still safe! no more poking your head out in case it's flattened by flying obesity!

Mad Bull said...

Is true, Gustav was a non-event. See, I have run my dog back out de house already. Truth be told, he was happy to go. I naw cuss him too much either, for a dog who has never been indoors, he held his waters and didn't go potty at all!

mad bull said...

Maybe I should say "HAS BEEN a non event so far". Here is a convo with a Jamaican bredrin of mine just now:

- Wayne - says:
How's it going ?
Mad Bull says:
Excellent. Still have light, water and TV. Those are the important indicators.
Mad Bull says:
It seems to have passed us by, because we didn't get all that much rain. Not sure about Cayman Brac and Little Cayman though...
- Wayne - says:
Be careful
- Wayne - says:
the brunt of it still coming
- Wayne - says:
in the tail
Mad Bull says:
Ok, will look out for that...
- Wayne - says:
mek sure ... same mistake we made
- Wayne - says:
the eye leading this thing..
Mad Bull says:
Ok. Anyway, that is just rain, right? All the wind gone already? Or not?
- Wayne - says:
everything in the tail
Mad Bull says:
Ok... Will look out for it.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Yep, Gross Gustav was a non-event for us, thoughhe has now been upgraded to a Cat 3, so am sorry for anyone else in his gruesome path.

Glad to know that everyone is all right, and though there has been some reports of power outages, everyone using Ivan as a reference, can now raise their fists in indignation and call Gus a sissy.

WIshing Cuba well, and the US, if and when he does make their 'landfall'.

ms cute pants said...

Looks like you stayed up way later than I did. I was done by 4:30am. Looks like we made it. I feel for the folks in Cuba and the US.

Ruthibelle said...

LOL@flying debris... ah dont think the distressed lady would appreciate that very much, but I'm glad to ehar that Gustav didnt cause too much ruckus over there... Cuba and Merica goin feel it

Abeni said...

Glad Gussie didn't make himself too much of a nuisance.

ms cute pants said...

You have been awarded!

Jdid said...

glad you survive

CoolDestiny said...

I had to call a friend of mine in Cayman to find out what was going on as Cayman was only mentioned in passing on the weather channel ... and now we are getting blow by blow coverage of the US south coast ... ugh. Glad to know you survived.