Sunday, August 17, 2008

Birthday Diva: The Aftermath

Scene: My yaad, somewhere in the Cayman Islands. Morning time. Sun bright. Birds chirping…

’Fro awakes…Opens blurry, red rimmed eyes and screeches…

‘Fro: Oh Lawd Gad! I am dying! [Nudges DV] DV!! I am dying! Oh, dear Lord!
DV: [Grunts, rolls over, snuffles…resumes sleep]
‘Fro: [Hissing] Star, I am deadin’! My head is going to explode.
DV: Hush.
'Fro: Call an ambulance. I ain't know what is wrong with me!
DV: It’s called a hangover honey. Go back to sleep.

Sigh…the dangers of excess.

And on that philosophical note, I shall now exit.





Brotha Buck said...

I ain't had one of those in a while, whew.

Abeni said... just recovering too(had my bday outing last nite). who knew pina coladas packed such a punch!

Jdid said...

ha ha ha

mad bull said...

Happy belated birthday, Afro! Sorry I couldn't make it. :(

Ruthibelle said...

lol, happy blated belated