Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rat Race

Running, spinning, panting, and wheezing actively,
“Who Moved My Cheese?” they also ponder haltingly,
Unaware that rabid insecurity oft impedes their journeys.
Daily rigors, attended to so very righteously,
Ostentatious rituals imposed to relieve societal scrutiny,
Fucking Mrs. Material to attain a sense of normalcy,
(Mercurial, adulterous wench, with no sense of common decency).
Monitoring ascension of stocks and bonds appreciatively,
Whilst disregarding moral values that decline decisively.
Plague infested vermin abounding numerously,
Traversing life’s often perilous roads confidently,
Whilst donning professional attire so becomingly:
Life’s bulletproof vest, engulfing protectively,
Wielding briefcase in hand so symbolically,
Essential tools for the arrogant promotion of the “scholarly”,
(Unaware of their own hallowed interiors - assuredly).
Immersed in the deceptive trap of life -unknowingly,
Needing to subjugate and to dominate economically,
Uncaring of the spinning wheel churning repetitively,
Sniffing, nibbling, scurrying and breeding so very selfishly;
Institutions programming and churning out constantly,
Experimental clones fabricated to benefit politically,
Valedictorians speaking to the masses assertively,
Glass ceilings to be shattered by those of the sorority,
Subdued, patronized and harassed by members of the fraternity,
All stretching beyond nine to five, at the sacrifice of family;
Experimental maze: wrenching and destroying emotionally,
Needing spiritual pesticides to evoke forms of emotional stability.


On that note, I shall now exit.




Stunner said...

Nice one Afroditee, and yet such true words!

gishungwa said...

Deep and lovely too.

Leon said...

Nice poem. Loooong though.

bakannal said...

now dats rabid!

complex simplicity said...

Wow...all a dat! Good for you.

Crankyputz said...

I feel like making copies of that and taking it to my meeting tomorrow....Nice to see your back!