Monday, February 26, 2007

To Barbados...And Beyond!!

So, I just got back from a brief sojourn in Barbados, to look for my Sonny-Wonny. As his stint in Bim will soon be over, I have decided to insert brief visits between each term, which would make our separation seem shorter until he returns for the term holidays. Sigh. My baby is due to sit the Common Entrance exams in May, and he graduates in July. I can’t believe that the time has gone by so fast.

The boy is a joy. He is such a character. I am continually fascinated by the gradual transition of my baby boy to a little man. Or conversations are more adult, and I have learned not to shudder each time that he asks me an open question. For this trip, he gladly regaled me with the tale of his classmate bringing a pack of condoms to school. When I asked if he knew what they were for, he promptly responded, “…to prevent HIV/AIDS.” The discussion to follow was quite entertaining and amusing, but the long and short of it is, his head is on the right track.

I guess that I can no longer fear the so-called corruption of my youth, because I have realized that outside forces being what they are, I cannot insulate the child at all. The most that I can attempt as a parent, is the continuation of an open line of dialogue, in order to assess and cultivate his decision making process. Things seem to be looking good so far (fingers crossed), because I can honestly say that not only do I love my Sonny, but I genuinely LIKE him. I like his personality, his irreverent sense of humour, his penchant to be somewhat facetious and sarcastic, and the fact that he is a free thinker. He accepts nothing at face value.

Barbados was wonderful as always. When not hanging out with Sonny, I caught up with old friends, and fell in love with the Island all over again. I have always found Barbados to be the perfect compromise: Not too fast and not too slow. The Island is now set to host the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup, and lawd, after a pass through the refurbished Kensington Oval, I was astonished! It is fabulous!!! (Of course, after the passage of the finals, it begs one to wonder what they are going to do to recoup the costs associated with the stadium. They are ready for the world, but what happens when the world leaves?) Nevertheless, it is fabulous! The beautification projects are well underway, and they are all geared up to aptly display Barbados on the world stage. I just hope that the customer service improves, because between Bim and Jamaica, I have met some of the sourest customer facing people ever! Lawd, the people dem miserable. The norm and not the exception. Would it kill to mumble a simple ‘hello’ when a customer walks into a store??? I do apologise for disturbing your newspaper reading in my attempt to provide you with some added REVENUE!!!

Anyway, that’s a rant for another day. Then, I may get into customer service and race issues in the Caribbean, and the difference that an accent can make when they realise that you are not from their native island.

On that note, I shall now exit.





Leon said...

Funny and sarcastic? Gee. I wonder where he got that from? Looks like you're raising him well.

Mad Bull said...

Good you had a nice vacation! I just came off vacation too, but I never went anywhere. Poor me!

Abeni said...

Good to hear Sonny on top of his sex education. Girl, I won't even talk about the customer service..stupes.

Crankyputz said...

Spending time with the son....talking about safe sex...what a good mum.

bakannal said...

was wonderin where u disappeared to...sounds like u had a lotta fun. as for customer service...mebbe u should'v covered urself in mayo.

Stunner said...

Good to hear you enjoyed your trip. And that you got to send some quality time wid the likkle one...well not so likke as he be sitting common entrace exams soon.

Ri said...

Sounds nice, Afro - any more football?

Jdid said...

if the customer service people in jamaica as bad as the ones in barbados we in real trouble

Anonymous said...

Funny and sarcastic? Gee. I wonder where he got that from? Looks like you're raising him well.
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