Monday, January 29, 2007

School Alone

So, I read this article in the Caymanian Compass the other day, and am still disgruntled by it.

It constantly amazes me as to how some parents can be so clueless and careless with respect to their children, although during my conversation with one of the teachers at the school, she states that we should be somewhat thankful that the chill’un are attending in the first, even if the school and teachers are being used as a glorified babysitting service.

I cannot begin to fathom how a parent(s) can allow a child to remain at school until 7:00PM, and not take safety issues into consideration, coupled with the fact that the child must be tired, smelly and hungry. What about a set routine for a child, which includes bath, dinner, relaxing at home; quality time with family; homework, and an early bedtime in order rinse, lather and repeat? This can never happen if a child is left at school until 7:00PM, and what perturbs me even more, is the fact that there are repeat offenders. Had this been a habitual offender who’s child remained at the school until 7:00PM, Social Services should have been contacted, though I am not even certain how they could posibly this problem, or if the parent(s) would particularly care.

Everything being relative, there are instances of parents fighting with teachers; parents fighting with students; chill'un cussin’ teachers; ganja brownies in schools, and heaven only knows what else. I am too naive to consider the further possibilities. It would be interesting to cross reference the attendance, punctuality, behaviour and grades for the children that are habitually left at the school until the wee hours, in order to asses the possible social concerns that may potentially adversely affect the Islands in the future, and to decide if and when an intervention would be required.

It was also ironic to note that within the same newspaper publication, the Ministry of Health and Human Services announced that it would be hosting a planned symposium to review the points at which young people enter the Criminal Justice System, though the article reads as an extravagant homage to nothingness. There were a lot of words, though nothing was said. I just think that in terms of common sense, the so-called symposium attendees should draw from the Compass’ article about the school pick ups, and this may provide them with a starting point for their sociological, political and economic assessment as to how young people could possibly enter the Criminal Justice System.

On that note, I shall now exit.





Stunner said...

Some parents these days seem to have no idea what parenting means. Some believe it's just about providing food, schooling and shelter. And the school seems to be their perfect substitute for instiling values. If parents don't take an active interest in their children overall whealthfare, the wrong influences will guide them into undesirable outcomes.

Abeni said...

I wonder if their job hours contribute to the late pick ups.But still 7 pm is way over the top. Somedays I pick up my friend's son from nursery and if am running late I feel so guilty.Maybe they need to make some arrangements to curb the problem

Leon said...

I tell you. Some people just don't deserve to have children.

Ri said...

Folks, by the way, even if the Lionesses aint playin some decent ball, dem have some nice looking players, especially Afro. Thats my comment on the present post.

Dr. D. said...

Afro, I know that many a mongrel dawg mek better parents than some of these people nowadays!

Heard of one here: Yute who attends the high school I attended showed the teacher part of a cieling fan which he admitted to damaging while playing some prank on another student. Teacher told him she would speak with his Father about having it repaired. When Father came to speak with the Vice Principal, he told the woman that she has no proof that his damaged it and he has no intention of paying any money...and laced her with a few good claats as well! No wonder is bare criminal the shytstem a breed now!

Anyhow, TGIF. Have a good weekend.

Trouble said...

What? Dem neva hear 'bout schoolbus?

Mighty Afroditee said...

Dyam spammer!

Leon said...

That's what they do. Hold one or two symposiums, chat then pat themselves on the back that they did something. Poor kids. Does anyone look out for them?