Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I Want My Baby Back...

So, there are no electronic whirring, buzzes and kebangs resounding throughout the house, as cyber villains are shot, lambasted killed and/or maimed by a weapon of choice, be it karate chops, kicks, ray guns and other assorted weaponry.

There are no longer blasts from televisions throughout the house all constantly tuned to Cartoon Network, for which I dare not change the channel for fear of whiney repercussions and eventual squabbling and justifications of one being able to ‘multi-task’.

The house is clean and I am able to walk unimpeded from room to room without stepping on shoes, games, cartridges, underwear and other randonmly strewn unmentionables, now able to preserve the delicate nuances of my voice as I observe the cleanliness, remembering the bellows of aggravation from having to constantly supervise and monitor the clean up process, or shaking my head in resignation and leaving it alone.

I am able to dive into my bed for a good night’s sleep, without having to play the vicious game of dodge the bony elbows and knees randomly kicking in any direction, as a body is tossed any which way during peaceful, innocent exhausted slumber.

Sigh. Sonny has gone back to Bim and I miss him so much Crying . Two more school terms are left before this aggravating separation will end.

On that note, I shall now exit, with the theme song from the Chili's restaurant chain commercial singing an annoying, repetitive refrain throughout my head: "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back...", and I doh mean ribs.





Mad Bull said...

Glad you soon have him back @ home with you. Bwoy pickney love dem mama, you know!
Enjoy the freedom while you can though! Get up to nuff rudeness! ;-)

Jdid said...

2 more terms till he's back? those will fly by in no time at all

gela said...

Awwwww (gosh, you've been doing so many awwww-inducing posts :)

I feel for you. Does he only spend holidays with you? By the time you quint the terms will be up. hush.

gishungwa said...

In the blink of an eye, then the Xbox noises will be on full time. Till then enjoy the stillness

Crankyputz said...

He is away for school?

Sweetness he will be back in minutes. Full of stories and adventures.

scratchie said...

The time will pass quickly. Sometimes you don't realize how good things are (even the inconveniences)then when they aren't around you miss the inconvenience so much. Hush, time will fly.

Stunner said...

The time will pass quickly, and you'll get your baby back.

Leon said...

That reminded me of the Chili's song. I thought it was about ribs. Don't worry. Sonny will be back to annoy you in no time.

Abeni said...

I wonder if my mother ever said that in reference to me. Methink snot and I spent many years not growing up with my immediate family.

Anyway,he soon come back:)