Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Snot Filled Christmas

Merry stinking Christmas to me. Crying Yippee. Here I sit on Boxing Day, stinky and yucky, sniffling, sneezing and with a nasty raucous cough that rolls out of me like a freight train and leaves a hallow and painful feeling in my chest Feeling Blue . I have not showered or brushed my teeth all day, as movement in any form hurts. That, and I jus’ doh feel like it. I ain’t shame.

My Mother’s intricately prepared Christmas dinner was a loss to me, as the gourmet scents and samplings could not penetrate my stuffed up, booger ridden nose, and the dinner that was piled on my plate was tapered with menthol flavoured Halls. I only ate half a round of food, and could not even go back for seconds and thirds. I watched my family of vultures down my Moet champagne with rabid eagerness, and finish off my three bottles, supposedly in my honour, acting on the premise that I was ‘ill’ and could not drink alcohol with my medication. Cho. I missed the rounds of dominos, cards, scrabble and ludo, as sleep was my enemy. My numerous complaints about the noise from the family’s revelry went unheard, as they were obviously unsympathetic for my plight. Hmprh! They nevah had to slam the blasted dominos so hard Depressed !

Just know that I am vex and bitter Sick . Not even my new Subwoofering entertainment thingy from Santa DV could appease my disgruntled status, cuz I jus’ vex and bitter (I reiterate). The noise from the woofering hurt my head and various other body parts. I also missed a great party last night, cuz I had to stay at home in my sick and pathetic state, whereas going out and spreading my germs would have made me feel somewhat better.

Oh, the pain. My head. My chest.

On that note, I shall now exit with a raucous snot ridden cough and sneeze Messy Sneeze .
Watch out for my cyber germs.




solitaire said...

Oh my dear sistren - I hope you feel better soon. Drink nuff soup, yuh hear?
Happy New Year!

Leon said...

Season's cold got to you huh? It almost caught me too. Merry Christmas anyways.

Scratchie said...

Hey fro, Hope you feel better soon. I missed out on the flu this time around..yippeeee!!!!

Mad Bull said...

Which hot party was that, pray tell?

Gooders Girl said...

ahhhh neva mind -- its better to be sick at the end of the year than the beginning!

Abeni said...

Ahhhh.Hope the new Year meets you in fine form.

Stunner said...

What a time for the flu to attack, wid all that food around. I hope you feel better soon!

Stunner said...

Oh! Just remebered, I have added you to my links.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Okay, this is what you do! Advil for Sinus and Cold. It stops pain, congestion. And take Buckley's for the cough. It tastes really really reeeeeeeeeally bad. But it works!

Hope you feeling okay now. So you can go to your family and guzzle THEIR drinks!

gishungwa said...

I pray you are well now just in time to usher in the new year. Anyhew have a great year full of blessings

Gela said...

Ewwwwww! Yuck for boggie nose.

Hope yu feeling betta doh.