Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Heritage" Song Fest

So, after regaling in the probable joy of my long weekend, I must say that it was awesome. Kinda low key with some activities thrown in, providing me with sufficient entertainment and well as sufficient rest.

Last Friday, we went out the waterfront and took in the fireworks with champagne, after which DV and I went to take in the ‘Pirates Week Heritage Song Fest’. Sigh. It was a travesty. If ever there was a sign of the cultural confusion that makes up the Cayman Islands, it was blatantly apparent in the so called Heritage Song Fest. I was so irritated and disgusted, and embarrassed, that the dyam event jus’ mess up my champagne buzz! Mad

First and foremost, I caught the “Windsor Park Wild Dogs” as they began their performance. Interesting to say the least. The young men proceeded to engage in a very telling rap tale and performance, worthy of the BET awards, lamenting about how people are chatting about them, and how they doh care. Yes. They rapped in the ‘Heritage’ songfest, regaling one and all about their disgust with all and sundry that envied their personal attributes. I know people does gossip real bad in the Islands, but for some reason, I jus’ did not get the link in the rap song. Maybe because they were bellowing and spitting so hard in the mike, I could not understand them.

The WPWB were followed by the eventual winner, spouting her original pop song, “Drop It”. Ms. Ma’am brought forth a performance worthy of Brittany Spears, complete with intricate choreography with her personal back up ‘professional’ dancer. Singing about how we must ‘drop it on the dance floor’. Yes. This was my ‘Heritage’ competion. I will not even bother to comment on the Canadian country music travesty. A sad state of affairs.

Needless to say, I placed this encounter behind me, and we trooped around town for the Street dance, liming and chatting. Eventually, we made our way to the band, and jumped and gyrated for a bit. DV didn’t though, cause his size 20 shoes were hurting him, and he say ‘bad man don’t dance’.

I vaguely recall somewhere amongst the drunken revelry that a pact to attend Trinidad Carnival was made. Dunno if I am up for that in my old age, but I will take it under consideration.

On that note, I shall now exit. Had a long week, and I tiyad.




Jdid said...

rap at the heritage show. interesting

Mad Bull said...

The yute them confuse up, thats why they are singing these things for heritage. They don't know their heritage!

gela said...

I went to Trini carnival earlier this year and enjoyed it thoroughly. I have a feeling that some pressure will be on me to attend next year's carnival there, but really and truly don't feel like I can manage it.

Mighty Afroditee said...

MB: I would also think that the eent organsers would have some sort of criteria for the 'Heritage' songfest. The pop song won, which leads me to wonder what the judges were thinking.

Abeni said...

Trini carnival sounds great.Always wanted to attend one but never got around to it

Leon said...

It's been a while since you've updated us. Glad you had fun.

KG said...


Caymans is one funny place. I'd have loved to meet someone who could give me an understanding of the place. But I got a strong sense of 'yes sir' , ' no sir'.

Mek Bimshire look rebellious.

I will be back there soon enough tho. For another strange experience of where is it I be.