Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flipper In The Neighbourhood Pool

Dolphin So, when I was advised that they were advocating for the development of a park that would keep captive dolphins, it hurt the radical environmentalist dwelling deep within the deepest recesses of my heart. My family can remember fondly our tuna boycott, due to the fact that dolphins were being caught in the trawl net of fishermen.

I felt as if there was something fundamentally wrong with the notion of dolphins in captivity, especially on my little rock, and I joined the dissenters and petitioners who let out a rallying hue and cry against the importation of the same. As is often the case with these Islands (and dare I say the world), should there be political backing and money behind a proposal, it is rare for an action to be denied solely for the moral good, or simplistically, our conscience.

After signing the petitions, buying the T-Shirt and the bumper sticker to assist with the “Keep Dolphins Free” cause (though the sticker was not going on my new car), I noted that there seemed to be two powerful factions vying against each other, with the almighty tourism dollar seeming to be at the root of all that is evil. The advocates on both ends seem equally matched in terms of resources and political clout, though I know governments rarely side for what is right and what is good when individual representatives are wined and dined by powerful lobbyists with powerful friends and powerful dollars.

Forget the environmental studies; forget the moral and political implications; forget the fact that our Islands now seem desperate in having to resort to such garish and gaudy attractions; forget the fact that Grand Cayman has almost evolved to an unnatural concrete jungle and that there are almost no more aspects of nature tourism available for eager visitors who are not willing to dive the deep wall to find it; forget the fact that as a local, even if I were so inclined, I would have an all encompassing feeling that the park did not serve my best interests, nor can I afford it.

Needless to say, as the political rhetoric is spilled, and the debate continues, the Minister of Tourism confirmed that dolphins slated for the captive tank are ‘expected’ to die, as did six quarantined sharks who died due to a mechanical malfunction. A more cold and dismissive statement that I have never heard. Send in the first batch, and they will die until we get it right. They will be the martyrs for the cause. What a travesty and an embarrassment.

As I stand here on my personal soap box, preaching to one and all, let it be known that I and mine shall boycott said facilities (whether they like it or not!!). This boycott shall stand the test of time and the probable pollution of the North Sound, and further, as mere lowly peasants casting our ballots but once every four years, we are too poor to afford entry anyway!

We will show them! Viva La Revolution!!!

On that note, I shall now exit.




Leon said...

Viva La Revolution indeed! A similar thing is happening here in Jamaica, where virtually everything is sold out to foreigners. Never picked you to be an environmentalist.

Mad Bull said...

Good luck, Afro. I don't think the Minister said the firs batch would die, though... he said SOME would die, and that was normal for any such park. He was stating the truth too.

Mad Bull said...
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Mad Bull said...

And here is the CayBloggers take on this... Check it out here.

Gooders Girl said...

Free Willy!

Island Spice said...

LOL @ Gooders Girl!!!!!!!!!

Dem have two such parks that I know of in JA. Dolphin Cove.. despite my tourism big links I ain never been inside either. The second one is at Half Moon Hotel and is even MORE exclusive. which of course means, locals keep the hell out. It seems to be a popular attraction despite the $100 USD + price tag .. that said.. sen on di petition!!

Scratchie said...

Kill the captures with petition yes!!! I just hate seeing animals chained and restricted. I have serious issues with captive birds and stuff.

Abeni said...

Love the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. I took a lot of pics of them and their antics.

Zoos make me kinda sad esp seeing lions in captivity

Mighty Afroditee said...

@MB: "Send in the first batch, and they will die until we get it right. " Was not quoting the minister. That is my take on the situaton, especially if the first batch of sharks died due to mechanical malfunctions, and the park ain't even open yet.

solitaire said...

I hope everything works out sistren.
Man, I love dolphins!! :)

gishungwa said...

Unfrtunately the government harldy ever thinks of the consequences more of the monye. Our govt. the other day was exporting animals to china claiming that they were too many until there were endless rotests andit was cancelled so i say fight on and stay onthe soapbox.

Guyana-Gyal said...

The sad thing is, the tourists don't care either.