Friday, August 18, 2006

Start Bloggering!!!

Ginger Rejoice! It is I.

So, I finally have a forum for the venting of my feminine angst; traffic woes; child-rearing headaches; work drama; boyfriend drama; best friend drama; drunken mishaps; PMS and other physical ailments; bad-hair days and general societal drama, without having to tolerate those rude interrupters, who should have the nerve to interject during my ongoing spiel! MotherF***er In Charge

Ha! It is about time. Of course, that age old adage comes to mind about “opinions being like assholes…" and all that, but go figure. I do have an asshole, and therefore I shall have my opinion, though I am sure that said opinion will not always be full of shit.

Hmmm….I do wonder if this could be the start of a possible rant, that is, the value of an opinion…

Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to use my new found power for the greater good; Peace the continued evolution of a possible dialogue between man, woman and child, and of course, the best possible venue to cuss all those who shall trespass against me, piss me off, bare false witness, cut me off in traffic, or look in my general direction on a bad day. As my dear ol’ grandma used to say: “Never let it bubble up under ya heart and kill ya.” I shall therefore endeavor to be an obedient grandchild.

Afro. Peace Sign


Mad Bull said...

Be careful when ranting about work, more than one blogger has lost their job over that...

Mighty Afroditee said...

Duly noted. Ironically, I have found that I have had to read a blog to find ind out about the little work 'spats'.